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In our new economy, your value will be defined and delivered very differently than the traditional means. Our capability defining, measuring and delivering value is core to the success of your operation. We provide solutions that will assist you on a project-by-project basis or, if you choose, total financial solutions. For example, as companies go global, high volatility in emerging markets provides opportunities for Corporate Finance in hedging, risk management, and real options strategy development. This means exploring and exploiting new revenue streams for the continued growth of your enterprise. Similarly, as companies implement significant IT solutions, we can provide the rationale and means to articulate, measure and drive maximum value out of those infrastructure investments.

Other project-based services include:

  • Value-based review of financial and economic model
  • Finance management reviews
  • Expense and revenue stream reviews
  • Results oriented, value-based advising
  • Funding acquisition
  • Product Valuation
  • Business plan development and review/financial modeling
  • Identifying, valuing and managing intellectual capital
  • Project finance and transaction management services