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Unique to GeoMASS Sales Consulting is the assistance in establishing written standards for your sales organization optimizing your sales process. With our high-profile sales professionals, you will benefit in every area of your organization. Establishing the guidelines, methods and standards for everyone involved in closing a sale, this effectively becomes your "sales bible" and establishes clear and effective communication, promotes cooperation and forms an ideal basis for practical, efficient company-wide sales training.

Our background and experience is solidly grounded in the basics of field selling market development and results speak for themselves. Each of our clients benefits from our extensive experience of direct sales of tangible and intangible products, sales team recruiting, training, and management and support.

Our company employs a methodical total quality approach to the selling process. You won’t find GeoMASS using the same tired, easy, quick fix. We work to understand the your current selling process, market, and needs. We’ll uncover who, how, when, where, and why actions to improve efficiency, productivity, and retention, as well as ensure compatibility with both your marketing and overall strategic plans. Specializing in the conceptual, relationship-driven, intangible sales, we assist you, through individual salesperson screening and assessment, territory planning and management, and team building strategies, to dramatically increase closing ratios.